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Laptop and computer repairs in Elgin, Moray


OPEN MON- Thurs 9am - 5pm

Friday 9am - 4pm

Now open SATURDAY 10am - 2pm

Tel: 01343 544577

  • PC repairs and maintenance - desktops and laptops
  • Internet Security
  • New equipment and parts

We can source a wide range of high-quality laptop chargers.

Call with your laptop make and model number for a price. Chargers from 24.95


xp retires

Windows XP retired in April 2014 - time to renew?

Great quality: AMD Quad core PC; On APU graphics; 1000Gb hard drive; 4Gb RAM 425

Performance: Intel i5 Quad PC; 1000Gb hard drive; 4Gb RAM; GeForce 210 graphics 499

Built-for-speed: AMD A10 Quad PC; 120Gb SSD drive for OS; 1000Gb hard drive for storage; 8Gb RAM; Radeon R7240 Graphics 699

Ultimate Gamer: Intel i7; Asus Gryphon Motherboard - for reliability and stability; 250Gb SSD for OS; 1000Gb hard drive for storage; 750W Power; 8Gb Kingston HyperX RAM; Nvidia GTX650 Ti Boost 2Gb Graphics 1250

All machines are built to order. Includes either Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 and 1 year Bullguard Internet Security




PC Clinic

'Ransomware ' is a common infection just now. This locks your PC after displaying a screen supposedly from the Metropolitan Police accusing you of dastardly deeds !

Don't worry - we can clear this and quickly have your computer working normally again.

Wards Road
01343 544577
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